Halloween Ideas 2014 That Will Make People Scream

Halloween Ideas 2014 That Will Make People Scream

Every year it happens. End of the summer causes a long period of denial and mourning and before you will know comes Halloween. This occasion is just few weeks away and it is certain that you are going to panic because the majority of the people are not having  what there this Halloween costume is going to be. Well, there is no need to fear as this article is going to provide you with plenty of Halloween ideas 2014 that will make people scream. These ideas are so effective that it is guaranteed that everyone in the party will think that you are hip and witty.

Death becomes her

You might have watched the movie death becomes her. It is really scary for some and the idea is extremely great. In a costume there is a gaping section. This can be accomplished by keeping a camera hidden in the costume in the background. The blood and internal parts coming out of the costume will give it  a more realistic look. This idea is certainly going to make people scream to their death. It is scary and disgusting  all at the same time.

Death Becomes her Halloween Costume

Pregnant zombie

This idea is certainly going to make you stand out of the crowd. Just make sure that it is totally fake. This costume will need artistic skills. A pregnant lady with tear off stomach and having a baby with half head in her hands. Put blood all over you. The umbilical cord is still attached to the baby. You can use a doll for a baby and lots of fake blood for detailing.

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The birds

This idea will need a creative costume maker. This idea comes from popular movie and you will not see any other with the same idea. Wear any costume you like and put fake birds like they are eating you. Use blood and fake artistic scars. Just make sure to run and scream while walking on the road. Fake crows and other birds are easily available, just try to give birds with a scary look, like alter the wings, red eyes. You can also use bats instead of crow.

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Headless women

This gate is quite common in the Halloween parties, but you can transform it by  adding scary things. This idea is really simple to create. Make sure that you use pale make up on the face like your body is having no blood left. Use scary eye make up. Use blood in the neck area and fake hand that will support the head. Make sure that you are walking real slow when into the party. You can also use hammer in the other hand or any other tool that will give your look a more scary and real look.

Headless Women Halloween ideas
[Image Credit: Flicker]

Weeping angel

Weeping angel is a serious character from the popular episode blink. You can get the dress altered from any good designer. On the blog you can find the procedure of making this dress.
 These are the five best  Halloween ideas 2014 and it is surely going to work

5 Costume Ideas For A Halloween Party This Year

5 Costume Ideas For A Halloween Party This Year 

Halloween comes every year to add some spices to your life. After mourning summer months, now it is the best time to rejoice yourself. And Halloween is the most popular festival, coming in just a few weeks. As you are fond of this festival, but you do not have any idea what your dress will be. You will panic as you want to look beautiful and attractive among others for halloween 2014 Australia. Take a look at below mentioned costume ideas for this festival you need to consider:

Halloween 2014

1. Ice bucket challenge

The ice bucket challenge is one of the best and daunting tasks to perform. Whether you are going to wear a container with fake ice on the head, or a giant container around your chest, or have a companion to dump ice on you in a real manner all the nighttime, you will get an amazing night at this special event.

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2. Google Glasses

You can wear Google Glasses at the party to look unique and different from others. It is a kind of wearable technology with an OHMD (Optical Head Mounted Display). Its invention was made by Google. It shows information in a Smartphone like hands free format. A person, who wears it, can interact with the internet by voice commands of the natural language.

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3. Apple’s latest Smartphone

You can go for an Apple theme. The most recent Smartphone launched by the Apple is iPhone 6. If you want to opt for this kind of interesting theme, you need to get familiar with the thing that this giant Smartphone will be walking around on this festival. If you are interested in really selling it, it is important to ensure that your dress is easily flexible.

4. The Olympic Ring FAIL

At the time of Sochi Winter Games, there was mis-happening occurred, when the opening ceremony was going to take place.  At that time, there was some major malfunction occurred in one of the ionic rings. It was one of the funniest and also awkward moments. You might completely see this working in the form of a Halloween costume. This is only the case and works for you, if you have 4 friends with hula hoops of white color at hand.

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5.  Frozen

Frozen came into existence at the closing stages of the last year. As a result, people did not observe any outfits previous year. But for this halloween 2014 Australia, you can opt for Frozen as your costume to wear on this special festival. But you need to get in touch with the thing that there will be a military of Elsas running all over on this festival. If you do not like princesses, you can apply color to your face. You can use light blue color to your face and some icicles. You can show other people ‘Frozen’ theme to chuck them.

You can use any of the costume ideas for this festival to look unique and beautiful among others. You can make these ideas more unique and attractive by adding some your own thoughts and creativity. 

Halloween USA 2014

Halloween 2014 USA:- Celebrate The Occasion In Celebrity Style

At USA Halloween is very popular  and people celebrate this occasion by hosting  and participating in parties. This day you will find plenty of opportunities to celebrate Halloween. But one problem that the majority of the people face is the lack of ideas. They come up with the ideas that is already being used or outdated. The trick to stand out in the crowd on Halloween in to  take ideas from movies. From scary movies you can have plenty of ideas. Not only this, but today you will find plenty of stores that can provide you with amazing dresses. Here are a few ideas for Halloween 2014 USA

Elsa from frozen

This idea is really simple but great. This idea  will also not cost you much. You will need two things blue gown and blond wig. If you are naturally having long blond hair, then just braid it up. Wear a blue sparkling gown. If you need inspiration then you can watch the movie.  After that you will learn how to act like Elsa. Be sweet and be scared to touch anything.

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Sleepy Hollow

sleepy Halloween

One of the best ideas for men. For this get up you will need your grandfather's clothes. Avery old fashioned coat  and linen shirt will do the trick. There is also no requirement to create a mess on clothes or face, if you are having long hair, then great, if not, then you can use a wig, not a big deal. Act smart, regal  and also weird.

American horror story

It is good that Halloween comes in the winter season because of this costume idea you will have to put plenty of layers of clothes.  You will need cat eye glasses any color will do, red wig, make sure it is crimped  and layers of clothing  like gloves, scarves , big skirt and cloak.  This is a great idea for old women who still like to enjoy Halloween parties.

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World War Z

Halloween usa 2014

Fans of Brad Pitt are really going to like this idea. This is the time where you can flatter your brad Pitt look. Wear navy windbreaker, jeans  and a scarf (gray color). Start \growing your hair now  to get the perfect glory of the brad Pitt look by Halloween. Act suspicious like there might be something scary behind every turn you take. This will provide you with the realism factor and people will also know how much acting talent you have. Those who are never serious can try this look because it is really challenging.

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The rocky horror show

Halloween usa 2014

For this costume idea you will need your maid clothes  and a little makeup. Paint your face  so that it looks pale. You will also need a visit to beauty saloon, not for  making your hair look beautiful, but to tease them till  they look twice your head size. To give more natural look, act melodramatic and ridiculous.

These are the five best costumes, Halloween 2014 USA ideas that you can consider. Why not to celebrate this Halloween in celebrity style.

What Day Is Halloween 2014?

What Day Is Halloween 2014?

Halloween is celebrated on October 31 every year which is the eve of All Hallows Day. It is very popular in Europe and North America. This festival has its own variations in different countries. But the spirit of the festival is the same everywhere. It is observed as a day to remember the dead and to honor them.

What Day Is Halloween 2014?

There are records of it being celebrated in Ireland and Scotland in the late 19th century. But it spread to North America and Canada only in the early 20th century. In northern Europe, Halloween was celebrated as a day of religious rituals which was mainly celebrated by pagans. The Christian missionaries saw in its popularity another way to reinforce in people their faith in God and to stress upon the evil ways of Satan. They propagated it with their own changes and adaptations. It is now seen as a day to celebrate and honor the dead. Oct 31 is actually the eve of the Day of the Dead as it is celebrated in Mexico. All Hallows Day, from which this festival takes its name, is celebrated on the 1st of November. The masks were worn by the people to keep away the evil spirits.

The beliefs about Halloween 2014 abound due to man’s fascination with the world of spirits and ghosts. In many European cultures, it was believed that on this day, the laws of time and space which separate this world and the other world were not in force, so the spirits could unite with the living souls. They could get in touch with the living people and magic was at its strongest at this time. People strongly believed that the spirits of all those deceased in the previous year would try to cross over to the land of the living on this day. These spirits were believed to be in search of bodies to possess for the next year. So, people tried to avoid being haunted by putting out the fires in their homes and hearths. They would dress up as ghosts, witches, vampires and monsters to scare away the spirits that were looking to possess them.

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Now a day also, the festive tradition continues.  People decorate their houses and offices with fruits and vegetables like corns, beetroot, pumpkins and turnips. They carve jack-o-lanterns from pumpkins which are now an indispensable part of the celebrations. They are almost like a mascot of the event. In some cultures, the decorations are made of paper which is later burnt to signify that the spirits of the dead are being freed in this way. Prayers are performed so that the departed souls can cross over to the land of the dead and rest in peace. People make the favorite dishes of their deceased relatives and serve these at the gathering. They go to the graves of their loved ones to pay their respects.

Now this festival is so popular that in these countries, some stores selling Halloween 2014 merchandise open only in October to cater to the market for costumes and other Halloween treats. This festival is so eagerly awaited that people even have ‘halfway to Halloween’ parties six months before the actual festival! 

When is Halloween 2014 ?

When is Halloween 2014 eve ?

Everyone is waiting for the Halloween 2014 eve or Allhalloween. Halloween is celebrated on every year on 31st October.

This year Halloween is on the Friday "31st October 2014"

Halloween is the celebrated in most of western countries including Ireland, United States (USA), Candam Puerto Rico, United Kingdom and Australia and New Zealand

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Halloween 2014 eve

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