5 Costume Ideas For A Halloween Party This Year

5 Costume Ideas For A Halloween Party This Year 

Halloween comes every year to add some spices to your life. After mourning summer months, now it is the best time to rejoice yourself. And Halloween is the most popular festival, coming in just a few weeks. As you are fond of this festival, but you do not have any idea what your dress will be. You will panic as you want to look beautiful and attractive among others for halloween 2014 Australia. Take a look at below mentioned costume ideas for this festival you need to consider:

Halloween 2014

1. Ice bucket challenge

The ice bucket challenge is one of the best and daunting tasks to perform. Whether you are going to wear a container with fake ice on the head, or a giant container around your chest, or have a companion to dump ice on you in a real manner all the nighttime, you will get an amazing night at this special event.

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2. Google Glasses

You can wear Google Glasses at the party to look unique and different from others. It is a kind of wearable technology with an OHMD (Optical Head Mounted Display). Its invention was made by Google. It shows information in a Smartphone like hands free format. A person, who wears it, can interact with the internet by voice commands of the natural language.

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3. Apple’s latest Smartphone

You can go for an Apple theme. The most recent Smartphone launched by the Apple is iPhone 6. If you want to opt for this kind of interesting theme, you need to get familiar with the thing that this giant Smartphone will be walking around on this festival. If you are interested in really selling it, it is important to ensure that your dress is easily flexible.

4. The Olympic Ring FAIL

At the time of Sochi Winter Games, there was mis-happening occurred, when the opening ceremony was going to take place.  At that time, there was some major malfunction occurred in one of the ionic rings. It was one of the funniest and also awkward moments. You might completely see this working in the form of a Halloween costume. This is only the case and works for you, if you have 4 friends with hula hoops of white color at hand.

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5.  Frozen

Frozen came into existence at the closing stages of the last year. As a result, people did not observe any outfits previous year. But for this halloween 2014 Australia, you can opt for Frozen as your costume to wear on this special festival. But you need to get in touch with the thing that there will be a military of Elsas running all over on this festival. If you do not like princesses, you can apply color to your face. You can use light blue color to your face and some icicles. You can show other people ‘Frozen’ theme to chuck them.

You can use any of the costume ideas for this festival to look unique and beautiful among others. You can make these ideas more unique and attractive by adding some your own thoughts and creativity. 

Halloween 2014

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  1. Another Halloween 2014 costume ideas the "Mermaid Costumes". This costume looks something like fancy and styled. Mermaid is looks good for girls and ladies. It becomes most of attractive and charm costumes for Halloween 2014 Party
    There are different Styles and types of this Mermaid Costume

    Happy Halloween 2014

    Thanks for introducing the some costume ideas for Halloween Day 2014

  2. Hi, all the 5 costume ideas are outstanding. There are other ideas like "Hovering Boba Fett" which is quite innovative and unique costume. "Pregnant Zombie" is also scary costume idea for girls at this years Halloween Party.

    Happy Halloween 2014 to all.

    Thanks for the interesting costumes ideas for Halloween 2014.



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