Halloween Ideas 2014 That Will Make People Scream

Halloween Ideas 2014 That Will Make People Scream

Every year it happens. End of the summer causes a long period of denial and mourning and before you will know comes Halloween. This occasion is just few weeks away and it is certain that you are going to panic because the majority of the people are not having  what there this Halloween costume is going to be. Well, there is no need to fear as this article is going to provide you with plenty of Halloween ideas 2014 that will make people scream. These ideas are so effective that it is guaranteed that everyone in the party will think that you are hip and witty.

Death becomes her

You might have watched the movie death becomes her. It is really scary for some and the idea is extremely great. In a costume there is a gaping section. This can be accomplished by keeping a camera hidden in the costume in the background. The blood and internal parts coming out of the costume will give it  a more realistic look. This idea is certainly going to make people scream to their death. It is scary and disgusting  all at the same time.

Death Becomes her Halloween Costume

Pregnant zombie

This idea is certainly going to make you stand out of the crowd. Just make sure that it is totally fake. This costume will need artistic skills. A pregnant lady with tear off stomach and having a baby with half head in her hands. Put blood all over you. The umbilical cord is still attached to the baby. You can use a doll for a baby and lots of fake blood for detailing.

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The birds

This idea will need a creative costume maker. This idea comes from popular movie and you will not see any other with the same idea. Wear any costume you like and put fake birds like they are eating you. Use blood and fake artistic scars. Just make sure to run and scream while walking on the road. Fake crows and other birds are easily available, just try to give birds with a scary look, like alter the wings, red eyes. You can also use bats instead of crow.

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Headless women

This gate is quite common in the Halloween parties, but you can transform it by  adding scary things. This idea is really simple to create. Make sure that you use pale make up on the face like your body is having no blood left. Use scary eye make up. Use blood in the neck area and fake hand that will support the head. Make sure that you are walking real slow when into the party. You can also use hammer in the other hand or any other tool that will give your look a more scary and real look.

Headless Women Halloween ideas
[Image Credit: Flicker]

Weeping angel

Weeping angel is a serious character from the popular episode blink. You can get the dress altered from any good designer. On the blog you can find the procedure of making this dress.
 These are the five best  Halloween ideas 2014 and it is surely going to work

Halloween 2014

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  1. This Halloween means Halloween 2014 one of the trending costumes ideas is the Frozen Olaf

    It becomes the Styled Halloween Costume for all Girls and Kids with unique Style.

    Thank you for sharing this Halloween ideas 2014 That will make people Scream.

  2. Wow! These are some really interesting ideas. The death becomes her is really scary and the best. I guess this year Frozen characters will be all over the costumes.
    Thanks for unique ideas.
    Happy Halloween 2014 to all.

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