What Day Is Halloween 2014?

What Day Is Halloween 2014?

Halloween is celebrated on October 31 every year which is the eve of All Hallows Day. It is very popular in Europe and North America. This festival has its own variations in different countries. But the spirit of the festival is the same everywhere. It is observed as a day to remember the dead and to honor them.

What Day Is Halloween 2014?

There are records of it being celebrated in Ireland and Scotland in the late 19th century. But it spread to North America and Canada only in the early 20th century. In northern Europe, Halloween was celebrated as a day of religious rituals which was mainly celebrated by pagans. The Christian missionaries saw in its popularity another way to reinforce in people their faith in God and to stress upon the evil ways of Satan. They propagated it with their own changes and adaptations. It is now seen as a day to celebrate and honor the dead. Oct 31 is actually the eve of the Day of the Dead as it is celebrated in Mexico. All Hallows Day, from which this festival takes its name, is celebrated on the 1st of November. The masks were worn by the people to keep away the evil spirits.

The beliefs about Halloween 2014 abound due to man’s fascination with the world of spirits and ghosts. In many European cultures, it was believed that on this day, the laws of time and space which separate this world and the other world were not in force, so the spirits could unite with the living souls. They could get in touch with the living people and magic was at its strongest at this time. People strongly believed that the spirits of all those deceased in the previous year would try to cross over to the land of the living on this day. These spirits were believed to be in search of bodies to possess for the next year. So, people tried to avoid being haunted by putting out the fires in their homes and hearths. They would dress up as ghosts, witches, vampires and monsters to scare away the spirits that were looking to possess them.

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Now a day also, the festive tradition continues.  People decorate their houses and offices with fruits and vegetables like corns, beetroot, pumpkins and turnips. They carve jack-o-lanterns from pumpkins which are now an indispensable part of the celebrations. They are almost like a mascot of the event. In some cultures, the decorations are made of paper which is later burnt to signify that the spirits of the dead are being freed in this way. Prayers are performed so that the departed souls can cross over to the land of the dead and rest in peace. People make the favorite dishes of their deceased relatives and serve these at the gathering. They go to the graves of their loved ones to pay their respects.

Now this festival is so popular that in these countries, some stores selling Halloween 2014 merchandise open only in October to cater to the market for costumes and other Halloween treats. This festival is so eagerly awaited that people even have ‘halfway to Halloween’ parties six months before the actual festival! 

Halloween 2014

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